Autumn 1 with Lobster Class


Lobster class have really been busy this term, but have really enjoyed everything they have done. All of the children love coming to school and many of them ask to come on Saturday and Sunday – somehow I don’t think Mrs Clarke would love that! When asked what they enjoyed about school, Mrs Clarke could not write quick enough to keep up with all their comments. Lobsters love the Discovery area, especially curling up under the covered table with a torch and good book. The babies in the Home Corner have been for lots of walks outside and the children loved the wigwam outside on the big tractor tyre. Lobsters love the bikes, the water, the sand, inside and out, the woodwork shed and dancing on the stage. Finally, all of the children enjoyed visiting the fire station and meeting ‘real live’ fireman who let them sit in the fire engine and pretend to drive to a fire. What a busy first half term!


  • Mrs Clarke
    Lobster class teacher, Early Years Leader
  • Mrs Lane
    Lobster Class Teaching Assistant/ ELSA/ Family Liaison Officer
  • Mr Bowden
    Lobster Class Teaching Assistant/ELSA